Many companies employ the help of a dedicated Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) agency who will likely help manage Google Analytics accounts among other aspects of your online marketing. But we always believe it’s a good idea for companies to be confident managing and using their Google accounts, even if just to give you better tools to assess how things are going.

Understanding how to add team members or external analysts to your Google Analytics account is important to ensuring you share just the information you intend, while still retaining overall control of your companies Google accounts. Google Analytics offers in-depth analysis of website performance and an experienced analyst will be able to use this information to obtain valuable insights into a website’s traffic and will help you build strategies that will increase performance going forwards. Google also have a habit of changing the interface, meaning the instructions to add a new user constantly need updating! Well here is the process for adding a new user to Google Analytics as of 2018.


Note: You must have manage users enabled on your own account before you can add another user. If you don’t have the ability to manage users then you must ask the admin to give you permission or ask the admin to add the user instead.

1. Click on the ‘Admin’ link (currently shown with a cog – as shown in the bottom-left of dashboard pages) as shown in the below screenshot

2. Under property settings, choose the website you wish to share the statistics for (using the dropdown in the middle column) then click the ‘User Management’ link

3. This next screen lists the users who have access to the reporting for this website. To add a new user, simply click the plus icon in the top right hand corner as shown. This will then give you the option of adding a new use (by their email).

4. Be sure to check they have been given appropriate permissions, and whether you wish to notify this user via email that they now have access.

This newly added user should then automatically have access to all the visitor stats for your website.