Classic ASP, Legacy ASP.NET and Umbraco 4 and 6 Website Support

Are you looking for support for your Classic ASP or ASP.NET website? How about Umbraco 4 or 6 website support and development? Here is why you should choose Simon Antony.

19th June 2017 Simon Antony

Support for Classic ASP Websites, Legacy .NET and Umbraco 4 and 6 Support and Development

Do you have a classic ASP website? Perhaps you have been putting off that Umbraco upgrade and still run an Umbraco 4 website or Umbraco 6 website or maybe a web application using ASP.NET 2.0? These are all technologies that have since been replaced by newer versions and while older versions are all generally considered reliable by those that use them, it can make a difference who you approach to develop your website.

Many agencies, understandably, will ensure they are quite familiar with the latest technologies, but will often be less knowledgeable about older versions. Some may encourage you to upgrade, partly as it will give you access to any new features and security fixes, but it also makes their life easier in supporting your website.

However, in practice, we recognise that it’s often not that simple; some websites are either too complex and/or too hard-wired to the older technologies to be cost effectively and safely rewritten or upgraded to work with newer versions. But you still want to be sure your website is security patched. Also, you don’t really want all of this to become a roadblock if you wish to continue developing new features for your website in other ways while sticking to the version you are currently on.

Why Choose Simon Antony for Legacy Website Support?

This is where Simon Antony can help! We have extensive experience working with older versions of ASP.NET and also supporting Umbraco 6 down to the very early versions of Umbraco 4. In fact, many of our clients came on board with older builds, some of which we have upgraded, but many we continue to support in their current form.

This means we are very aware of the specific pitfalls in particular versions of these technologies and how to develop in a way that is not only secure and sustainable, but also potentially re-usable if you do ever decide to to upgrade.

Umbraco Upgrade Specialists

We also have extensive experience upgrading Umbraco in particular, which means we can audit your code to tell you what needs to be done to allow you to upgrade. Take a look at our Umbraco upgrade post to see why this is worth considering.

If you have a Classic ASP website or Umbraco 4 or 6 website and would like support and development - get in touch today and one of our engineers will discuss how we can help you!

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