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Simplepage offer some of the best technical support available for Wordpress and Umbraco websites and hosting. For many businesses, having the right website support is vital to ensuring your business runs smoothly.

Even the best and most highly optimised and secured hosting accounts can sometimes require some updates and management. You need to be certain the company hosting your website can also support it effectively.

If you are in need of Wordpress website support or Umbraco support, you can find out more about the website support Simplepage offers here.


August 2018

Which WordPress Plugins Should I Install?

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It's estimated there are over 50,000 separate Wordpress plugins available, which are secure and which are the more useful ones for your website in 2017? Simplepage review some of the more popular Wordpress plugins.

How To Clean Up A WordPress Database

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Having a good clean out helps things run better, faster and more reliably. So how do you clean up a Wordpress database? Find out what plugins will help you clean up Wordpress data and get the best performance for your website.

How Often Do You Backup WordPress?

By |2018-08-20T12:53:02+00:00August 20th, 2018|Categories: Hosting, Servers, Support, Wordpress Hosting|Tags: , , , , , , |

How often do you backup your Wordpress database? A surprising number of businesses we speak to don't already have some kind of automatic backup provision in place. How do you backup a Wordpress website? All your questions answered in our latest post!

What Is WordPress? How Does It Work?

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WordPress powers over 28% of the internet's websites - in it's simplicity, it's a website creation tool i.e. you make websites with it.

6 Simple Steps To Secure Your WordPress Website From Hackers

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The Web never seems to have enough security. What can you do to protect and secure your Wordpress website? Our latest blogpost details 6 simple steps every Wordpress website owner should take in order to ensure the website is fully secured.

How To Add A User To Analytics

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Many companies employ the help of a dedicated Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) agency who will likely help manage Google Analytics accounts among other aspects of your online marketing. But we always believe it's a good idea for companies to be confident managing and using their Google accounts, even if just