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A very diverse set of technology drives the web. Strictly speaking, technology can be divided into software technology (for instance, content management systems such as Wordpress or Umbraco) and also hardware technology, such as web servers.

Simplepage aim to cut through the jargon that much of this technology invites – giving you the important basics in plain English so you can get technology working the way you need for your business.


August 2018

Website Design services for Small and Medium Business

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Simplepage. The low cost professional website solution encompassing WordPress, perfect for Startups, Small Businesses, Professionals & Tradesmen.

Which WordPress Plugins Should I Install?

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It's estimated there are over 50,000 separate Wordpress plugins available, which are secure and which are the more useful ones for your website in 2017? Simplepage review some of the more popular Wordpress plugins.

Integrating a Shopping Cart with WordPress in 2017

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Integrating an eCommerce shopping cart with Wordpress is not a simple task. There are many things you should consider, and many different tools, plugins and services you can use. We aim to detail what choices you should consider, and some of the best Wordpress eCommerce plugins that are available.

How To Clean Up A WordPress Database

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Having a good clean out helps things run better, faster and more reliably. So how do you clean up a Wordpress database? Find out what plugins will help you clean up Wordpress data and get the best performance for your website.

How To Choose a Premium WordPress Theme

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This is a guide to picking a WordPress theme and is aimed at developers who have a mid range knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Would Your Business Benefit From a CoLocation Data Centre?

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What exactly is the difference between the data centre and the cloud? The rapid growth of cloud-based technology has lead to a huge decline in traditional data centres which would typically be based on the company’s premises. But many may not have considered using colocation data services. Here is how they might help your buisness.

ICANN Domain Name System (DNS) Takeover

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How does the ICANN (DNS) takeover affect websites? On October 1st 2017, the U.S. government plans to relinquish control of the Internet Domain Name System (DNS) and will hand over control to the non-profit organisation, ICANN. Opinion is split, with some proponents believe this a necessary step in preventing (what could become!) potentially chaotic

IP Canonicalization

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From an SEO point of view, canonicalization is very important. If you have a website that has the same content spread across different URLs, search engines will split the rankings as well. An example is typing a website without the www in the toolbar - this effectively dilutes your presence on the web.

How To Add A User To Analytics

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Many companies employ the help of a dedicated Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) agency who will likely help manage Google Analytics accounts among other aspects of your online marketing. But we always believe it's a good idea for companies to be confident managing and using their Google accounts, even if just