Testimonials about our work with various clients

Simon completed a contract with a key client, and throughout the process was a pleasure to work with. Both Simon's technical skills and personality will prove to be a great asset to any business either in a long-term permanent role or whilst providing consultancy services on an interim basis.

Andrew Maeer (CEO)

Worked with Simon for 2 years where he has always been clearly focused on delivering projects and IT improvements in a timely fashion. Good communicator within his peer group and able to see a rounded view of the business and long term goals 

Andrew Tedder - Head of Customer Services - Yes Telecom (Vodafone company)

Simon is a lovely guy with a heart of gold - fantastic communication skills and excellent .NET skills. I have been in communications with Simon for near on a year now and although we are yet to do business together he is one of my trusted network that I enjoy keeping in contact with; whether it's work related or personal stuff - he's an absolute pleasure to deal with. Should an opportunity come along that is local to him then he would be the first person I would think of calling. Highly recommended 

Charlie Syrett

I worked for a company that provided database services for Yes Telecom, where Simon was Head of IT and Development, and we liaised a great deal during that time. While working with Simon, without exception I found him to be technically astute, insightful and a pleasure to do business with. Simon drove Yes Telecom's IT department through a period where intelligent strategic direction and change/progression was essential to the business, and I always found his leadership skills to be strong and his decision-making to be excellent. His technical skills appeared unusually strong for senior IT management.

Dave Henderson - Pro DBA Ltd

I met Simon during the start of the integration of Yes Telecom's network infrastructure into Vodafone at the same time as setting up of their new premises in Manchester. Simon was very helpful, pragmatic and his technical experience enabled the project to run smoothly and complete on time whilst undergoing the premises move. Simon took care of every last detail, solved issues quickly and I'd I'm pleased to recommend him

Eddie Gillespie - Vodafone UK Ltd

Delivers an outstanding service, great work ethic and will always go that extra mile to get the job done!

Holly Wade - Softcat Ltd

Simon proved to be one of the most talented and reliable developers I have ever worked with. He was brought on to a project at a difficult time and delivered with his technical ability and level headed approach, whilst always focussed on delivery. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

James Doyle

Simon was really 'dropped in it' interms of .net development needed on a Photolink project, and took no time at all to get upto speed and consistently carry the dev work forward to completion on this project. I would have Simon back in a heartbeat

Jason Stocks Young - Photolink UK Ltd

Simon was very focused and dedicated in ensuring the infrastructure\support team was effective in delivering efficient and secure IT services to the business. He was very astute and had effective methods of getting the best out of his teams, other members of the business and suppliers. I gained plenty of useful skills from working with him, both technical and non-technical and it has definitely been beneficial having his mentoring, experience and knowledge in my career

John Pickford - Infrastructure Manager - Yes Telecom Ltd

Simon is the most pragmatic IT professional that I have ever worked with. His 'can-do' attitude is refreshing and, combined with his technical expertise, is a formidible force in getting the job done. His professional and personal standards are first class and it was a pleasure to work with him. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone. Simon is a very knowledgeable individual with a pragmatic approach to IT problem solving and support. His can-do attitude, in my experience with working with IT professionals, is refreshing and extremely unique. I have no hesitation in recommending Simon to anyone as he has proved to be a valuable asset in the projects I have worked on with him

Keith Horsted - Telcoop Ltd & Yes Telecom Ltd

I have worked with Simon on a number of occasions over the last couple of years, our dealings have always been pleasantly straightforward and highly productive, Simon is always able to convey his own requirements clearly, quickly understand the requirements of others and is always a pleasure to deal with on a personal level.

Lewis Williams

Simon always came up with a solution to support the sales team. Nothing was ever too much trouble and he was realistic on delivery times

Matt Sandford - Sales Director - Yes Telecom Ltd

I have no hesitation in recommending Simon as he is a hard working, experienced IT professional with excellent trouble shooting and resolving skills with regard to hardware, software and operator related computer problems when I worked with him at Yes Telecom He has good interpersonal skills and is able work with colleagues at all levels within an organisation and is prepared to go the extra mile to achieve his goals He would be an asset to any company in an IT consultant/engineering capacity

Mike Jones - Yes Telecom Ltd

My colleagues and I worked with Simon as our principal contact at YesTelecom; we found him to be great guy to work with - he 'got' what we were talking about instantly and always pulled the stops out to make sure we met mutual deadlines. I wouldnt have any hesitation what so ever of recommending him to anyone else and i look forward to working with him on other projects

Mike O'Shea - Director - TrackTek Ltd

Simon is a rare blend of technical expertise and strong managerial experience. Leading by example, Simon had detailed knowledge of every IT system within Yes Telecom, and is a very competent web / application developer. I would definitely recommend Simon for IT consultancy, development, or as part of the management of a suitable firm. Simon is a keen golfer, and a great photographer for private & professional events

Nemi George - Yes Telecom Ltd

Simon is highly organised and detailed in his approach. The project we initially worked on together had to be completed to tight deadlines and involved various business critical areas. Simon managed all actions in a highly efficient manner, ensured that project milestones were met and that his team were available when needed preventing any delays due to resource.. I feel I have enjoyed an excellent working relationship with Simon and we have completed a number of successful projects together as a result of his approach and professional attitude. I would recommend Simon to anybody looking to work in a structured, consultative and open manner.

Paul Livesley - Azzuri Communications Ltd

I worked with Simon and his colleagues during an extensive tender process to source a new telephone system and support services. Throughout this process Simon was extremely professional and courteous.

Paul Maddocks - Parkway Telecom Limited

I had the pleasure of working for Simon upgrading the Chester Zoo web site. Simon was quick to understand the requirements and technical implementations I've done to fit the requested brief. He is easy to work with and has the patience to go through the more complicated aspects of the project

Remco Reitsma - KMP Digitata Ltd

Simon was, and still is, a trusted, reliable and dedicated member of any IT dept with his well-honed IT infrastructure design and admin skills, on top of first-class cross-platform development knowledge and experience in the full project life-cycle

Robin Bolton - IT Manager - Jontek Ltd

I've worked under Simon for 16 months now and my professional development has benefited greatly from his coaching and support from the perspective of management experience. My role at Yes Telecom is the first time that I've been responsible for a team of developers, and Simon has always made himself available to give instruction and good advice with respect to managing others. He has also worked closely with me and supported me in the research, choice and adoption of new tools, techniques and technologies.

Scott Lowe - Yes Telecom Ltd

I was employed by Simon Steed on a contract as the IT Project Manager for the business relocation project for Yes Telecom. The overall project was a great success down to the amount of time and effort that Simon put into this project to ensure that the business could be proud with what Simon and his department had achieved. It was a pleasure to work with Simon on such a critical project and we had a great working relationship which thrived on being creative and dedicated to being successful. If an opportunity were to present itself in the future - I wouldn't hesitate to consider working with Simon again. I believe that Simon would be a great asset to any business and I'm more than happy to provide such a recommendation.

Stephen Docherty - Nomad Technology Limited

I worked with Simon for 18 Months between Aug 2006 and Feb 2008 in this time I found Simon to be a friendly and approachable person. Simon had high standards and expected his colleagues to meet or exceed these standards. He was also especially good at asking the right questions so he was in possession of all the facts. Armed with these facts he was able to consistently push projects past the finishing post.

Steve Seacombe