Frequently Asked Questions

Simplepage Hosting F.A.Q.

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  • DO YOU OFFER SUPPORT? Yes, we provide business hours support 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday.
  • WILL YOU INSTALL Umbraco/WORDPRESS? We will provide you a base installation for you to upload your site into
  • WILL YOU BACK UP MY SITE? All our sites and servers are backed up on a daily basis.
  • AM I LOCKED INTO ANY CONTRACTS? We obviously have a contract in place to supply you the services, this requires 30 days notice to quit.
  • HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Please see our Website Hosting page for plan details and costs
  • WILL YOU HELP WITH MIGRATION? Yes 100% - just raise a support ticket and we can assist you
  • DO YOU SELL DOMAINS? Yes. Please contact us for further details on how to order.
  • CAN YOU HOST MY EMAILS? We do not offer an email hosting service at this time, however we are reviewing this and may offer one shortly. We can however advise on suitable platforms for you to use.
  • WILL MY WEBSITE WORK ON MY PHONE? Highly likely but this is very dependent upon the theme or design of your website and is nothing to do with the hosting plan you are on.
  • HOW MANY VISITORS CAN I HAVE? We have a fair usage policy upon all our shared hosting. Please see the plan details for further information
  • HOW FAST WILL MY SITE BE? Our servers are highly optimised and as a result are very fast - we only use the best server and infrastructure technology. If your site is running slow, please raise a support ticket and we shall investigate what the cause could be - it's likely to be plugin related (on Wordpress sites) or lack of housekeeping (on Umbraco and Wordpress sites)
  • WHAT ARE YOUR CONTACT DETAILS? Please see our Contact page for more details
  • AM I PROTECTED BY A FIREWALL? Yes, we have multiple, powerful firewalls between your data and threats. We take security very seriously and as a result, you don't need any dedicated security plugins to manage your site, this helps also speed up your website
  • DO YOU MONITOR THREATS PROACTIVELY? Yes, we monitor the environment to detect and block known threats as they occur.
  • SSL READY?All our clients sites are fully secured with LetsEncrypt SSL certificates free of charge. More advanced certificates are also available if required.